Podcast Reviews

Our Wolfe Farms Herbal Body Soaps have been reviewed on a number of podcasts. Here are the Podcasts that have been kind enough to talk about our products and give their honest opinions.

Knitting Blogcast: Episode 6

High Fiber Diet Podcast: Episode 46 Episode 133 and a few other episodes!:)

Cogknitive Podcast: Out-Takes Episode Fiber Retreat Update

Barknknit Podcast: Episode 29 and SAFF Meet n Greet Goodie Bags

Knit Naturally Podcast: Episode 70 and Episode 109!:)

Sassypantsknitter Podcast: Episode 3 and many more...

Knitpod Podcast: Episode 19: F.O. Frenzy and Episode 20

Kiping It Real: Episode 39

Knitmore Girls:  Episode 120

Knitcents Podcast:  Episode 50

Yarnings Podcast:  Wrenalong Winner episode

Knitabull's Podcast:  Episode 13 and many, many more...:)

Knit1Hearttoo:  Episode 18

His & Hers Podcast:  Episode 14

Domestikated Darling:  Episode 17

Dramatic Knits:  Episode 30

Knittinonthefly:  Episode 29 Episode 36

SockBunny Knit and Fit:  Episode 11

90% Knitting:  Episode 36

Britt Knits:  Episode 14

Knitting Blooms:  Episode 26

Mommy Needs Yarn:  Episode 38

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